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Croatia Apartments with no fee

near a beach

from 13 €

Pet friendly

from 13 €

with sea view

from 18 €

Luxury villas

from 65 €

Family friendly

from 20 €

Agency service is free of charge for the guests. Property owners pay the agency fee.

Why book accommodation with the Agency
instead of booking directly with the property owner?

  • Accommodation with property owner prices

    The Agency does not add extra charges to the property owner prices, and does not charge you with any fee. If you book directly with the property owner, you won’t get lower prices.
  • Accuracy of property presentation

    Property owners often tend to hide the flaws of their property and can sometimes display inaccurate information. The Agency displays accurate accommodation information, pointing out both good and bad sides of the property.
  • Customer support in your language

    All questions before making an advance payment or possible problems during your stay can be solved with the Agency in your mother tongue. You can call our toll free customer support number every day during the season (Saturday and Sunday included) from 08:00-22:00.
  • Safe payment

    You know to whom you are making the payment, and you don’t have to worry whether the owner is real or not. Credit card payments are secured with the highest SSL safety standards that make any payment abuse impossible.
  • Money back guarantee

    If your complaints are valid, the agency will find an alternative accommodation or make a refund.

Why book accommodation with our Agency
instead of booking with the other agencies?

  • Best price guarantee

    If you find prices advertised on the Internet that are lower than ours we will give you a 15% discount on any accommodation in our offer and if the property owner offers you better conditions during your stay at the property, the Agency will then offer you a double amount of the property owner discount.
  • Preferential price deal

    All guests that have already used our service enter our loyalty programme and can book the accommodation with prices 5-10% lower than the prices the guest would get if he booked directly with the owner. After your first vacation with the Agency, next year you can choose any destination on the Adriatic and get preferential deal for your holiday.
  • Sunny day guarantee

    The agency will make a 50% refund for every rainy day.
  • Croatian highway toll reimbursement and fuel cost refund

    The agency offers partial toll reimbursement and fuel cost refund to its loyal guests, up to 90,93€ for highway toll costs and up to 76,00€ for fuel costs.
  • Payment upon arrival

    You only pay a smaller part of the total price (an advance payment) to confirm the booking. The rest of the amount is paid on your arrival day and after you confirm that the accommodation matches the one advertised, and agency prices match those displayed at the property.

Fast booking

It takes only three steps and a few minutes to book. If you pay by credit card you’ll get the voucher right after the payment is made. We respond to all requests the same working day.


The Agency guarantees for the booked accommodation so there are no unpleasant surprises when you arrive. In case of any issues we guarantee an emergency reaction and help in your mother tongue.


We have the highest professional standards, and more than 500 000 satisfied customers since 2000 prove that. We hope that this summer you’ll become one of them as well!

What our guests say

Kiss Csaba: Very good service. Have used it four times and every time they were quick and very helpful. The site provides precise information on the apartments.
Stefan Mares: One of the best travel agencies met so far. The booking was very easy, confortable paying options and nice personal. All in all, very professional and client orientated.
Miha Mencin: Great webservice. Searching by which ever parameter you want. The whole process reservation/payment/confirmation/voucher took less than two hours. I will use this agency again.